Red Mallee Burr – Up to 4kg

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Red Mallee Burrs from Australia. Ready for you to Turn

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Product Description

Red Mallee Burr from Australia ready for you to turn.

The Red Mallee burl is part of the Eucalyptus family that is common in Australia. It’s rich in colour with colours range from a pinky red to a stunning brownie red. With many colours in between.

These Australian burrs are hard, and have in many cases a spiny, prickly outer which can be incorporated in to your turned design. There are however a few which have a smoother outer but this seems to be uncommon on this batch.

To bring the best out in these Red Mallee Burrs try finishing with ultra fine sanding. This really shows off their super rich colours.

These type of burrs are also great to make hybrid resin blanks as many are doing these days to make pens and boxes.

You can select weights in the drop-down of up to 4kg. Larger burrs will be listed separately.

Images are for rough guide as these burrs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we will be just picking the next one out on the top of the pile.

We do not send images of each small burr. If you wish to pick your own you’re welcome to give us a call and arrange a time to come along during the week.

Each piece is weighed and marked fresh cut according to Australian certification. This is the weight we work to. Over time weight is lost as the wood dries.