Elm Bowl Blanks

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Elm Bowl Blanks with lovely looking grain

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Product Description

NOTE: We are currently out of 3″ thick Elm.

Elm bowl blanks are supplied in a range of diameters. They are ideal as a large centre piece. Should you be looking for something larger please just give me a call.

Elm is a stunning wood with a heavy grain pattern, some of these are highly figured and will make lovely bowls or platters.

These Elm bowl blanks are cut from English Elm which has been either air or kiln dried. Elm is one of those woods that tends to move no matter what you do with it. I know people that have worked with Elm that has been standing in a dry barn for 20 years and once worked it still moves.

If you’re looking for Burr Elm I have a full trunk that is awaiting cutting. Also some thicker planks but this is green so would need to be part turned. In fact I would recommend that any Elm is part turned and left for a while to see what it’s going to do.

To finish your Elm bowl blanks I would recommend using an oil finish, built up layer by layer and left a day between coats. If you really want a super looking finish then Liberon Danish oil or Chestnut Finishing oil work very well.

Don’t forget if your looking for something larger just give me a call 01233 613992 and I’ll see how I can help.


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