Rotur Rotating Centres

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Rotur Live Centres for free running joy

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Product Description

Rotur Rotating Centres offer a range of live centres. Suitable for general use when you need tail stock support.

Available in light, medium or heavy duty. Each duty with either 1MT or 2MT shafts.

  • Light duty has a 22mm diameter head and 60° tip.
  • Medium duty has a 31mm diameter head and 60° tip.
  • Heavy duty has a 36mm diameter head and 60° tip.

The Rotur Rotating Centres offer a very high quality build.  As its name suggests the Rotur Rotating Centre has a rotating head so it will not continue to dig into the work piece as it turns on the lathe. It uses industrial grade bearings for the highest degree of accuracy and long life.  As the bearings are sealed they do not require maintenance.

If you feel that there is the possibility of a pointed centre splitting the work piece then you may find a hollow rotating centre useful.

Rotur Rotating Centres, designed and made in the UK.