Simon Hope Hollowing Jig

Simon Hope Easy Arm Hollowing Jig

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The Simon Hope Hollowing Jig for Easy Hollowing

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Product Description

he Simon Hope Easy Arm Hollowing Jig takes the backache out of hollowing.

The Simon Hope Easy Arm Hollowing Jig fits to your lathe bed in the same way as the banjo. You can then fit a round shafted hollowing tool of your choice into the tool holder. The pivoting action of the jig allows effortless hollowing.

The hollowing rig is best suited to using a carbide tip hollowing tool, but can be used with any hollowing tool that you wish to use, with either a shaft diameter of 19mm or 16mm (3/4″ or 5/8″)

This jig will fit woodturning lathes with a centre height from 127mm (5″) up to 300mm (12″). You can hollow out hollow forms up to 600mm (24″) in diameter. So the Simon Hope hollowing Jig will handle some pretty large vessels.

Equipped with bronze phosphor knuckle joints with sealed bearings for smooth and easy use. The main shaft of the hollowing jig is stainless steel.

The  supplied reducer allows the use of either the 19mm or 16mm (3/4″ or 5/8″) round shaft hollowing tools.

This is a well constructed, quality hollowing jig which main takes the strain during hollowing.

Combine the Simon Hope Hollowing Jig with the Simon Hope Laser kit to easily track the cutting tips progress.

The boxed weight of the jig is 13.95kg.