SOV12S Sovereign Handles

Sovereign Handles

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Sovereign System Handles

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Product Description

The Sovereign handles are a key part to the Robert Sorby Sovereign system, without which the system would not work.

The Sovereign system handles have been designed in three sizes – 12″ (300mm), 16″ (400mm), and 22″ (560mm). All are beautifully engineered and designed for comfort and balance. The handles have a Softex nonslip grip which is soft to the touch yet hard wearing. Coupled with this they are balanced for stability and for prolonged use. At the head of the handle there are two locking screws to make sure that the various gouges and cutting tools are securely held in place.  There is a range of collets so that most of the Robert Sorby range of woodturning tools can be used with the Sovereign system.

The SOV-12S 12″ Sovereign handle is supplied with a SOV-CT tang collet and the SOV-10 3/8″ collet, while the SOV-16S and the SOV-22S Sovereign handles are supplied with a SOV-10 3/8″ collet and the SOV-13 1/2″ collet. The Sovereign handles are also available without collets.

There are a full range of easy swappable collets available SOV-CT tang collet, SOV-C06 1/4″ collet, SOV-10 3/8″ collet and the SOV-13 1/2″ collet.

It does not stop there; Robert Sorby have given this system a lot of thought and added various options. You can add a side handle and a counter balance weight, which are very useful when deep hollowing. There is also a threaded coupler so you can extend the length of the handle system if required.

The true beauty of the Robert Sorby Sovereign system is that you can just keep adding to it as your woodturning develops over time.

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