Zap Thin CA Glue

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Zap Thin CA Penetrating Formula, Quick Curing

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Product Description

Zap Thin CA glue has a penetrating formula with a quick curing time.

The Zap Thin CA glue works well on soft woods. With its quick drying time it can be very useful for the woodturner. This thin CA glue has a water type consistency so it can penetrate into the smallest of areas. It can be squirted into small cracks in the timber that might be deeper than you can see, and is also useful for the inside of splitting hollow forms if you want to try and hold it together.

This CA glue has a very quick curing time of between 1 and 5 seconds, yet still gives a very strong bond.

Zap Thin CA is supplied in three sizes:

  • 28.3g (1oz)
  • 56.6g (2oz)
  • 113.3g (4oz)