Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby offers the most comprehensive range of quality woodturning tools on the market today. All British made.

Their range of tools just about covers everything a woodturner would need except for the lathe. Robert Sorby offers all the turning tools you could ever need to create bowls, hollow forms and spindle work. Tools to texture and enhance your woodturning creativity. The Patriot Chuck range has many jaw configurations to ensure compatibility with most popular lathes. They also make what could arguably be one of the best tool sharpening systems available, the ProEdge.

Robert Sorby’s investment in tooling development for the woodturner is second to none.  There is a pride in their 200 year history which is as strong today as it was when the company was founded. Robert Sorby’s quality is a must have for any woodturner. They themselves have a no quibble customer service which makes selling the range of these woodturning tools an easy task for us at Olivers Woodturning.
Standout Robert Sorby Product Ranges

ProEdge – Possibly the best tool sharpening system available
Sovereign – An interchangeable handle system for woodturning tools
Patriot Chuck – Compatible with most lathes
Micro Modular Tools – One handle, many tools. For turning small items.

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