Turners Mesh

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Product Description

This 5 pack of Turners Mesh contains 5 rolls of anti clogging abrasives with the following grits:

  • 180 Grit
  • 240 Grit
  • 320 Grit
  • 400 Grit
  • 600 Grit

Each roll is 1 inch wide and 20 feet long.

Because it is so flexible it will easily conform to the shape of your work. Tiny holes are formed into the Mesh as a result the Turners Mesh resists clogging as particles are removed from the surface through the abrasive.

Leave the rolls in the box and feed the end through the slot in the front. No need for scissors or a knife since there is a cutting blade on the bottom of the box.

Looking for sheets rather than rolls, have a look at Net Abrasive.

Turners Mesh - User Review

How I have not used this product before I will never know. Gives a great finish and does not clog used correctly. Highly recommended.